The Judgment Star

NPCs and Places

Here is a list of NPCs the group has met, including what they do and what city you’ve met them in. These aren’t in any particular order, though I did try to keep some of them together based on location

Barnovski – Ruler of Brindleshaw (Human)
Captain O’Mally – Captain of the Wavesplitter (Dwarf)
Oringar DarkShard – Captain of The IceBreaker (Dwarf)
Gashnog – O’Mally’s 1st mate (Half-Orc)
Garumn – DarkShard’s 1st mate (Human)
Stralla – Alchemist in Brindleshaw (Half-Elf)
Stendarr – Cleric of Torag, currently in Brindleshaw, ex-party member (Dwarf)
Hergashk/Squirt – Servant of Belomir, runs storefront (Goblin)(Dead)

Rehdast – Ex-party member, recently corrupted. Location unknown. Sorcerer (Half-Elf)
Ramos – Ex-party member, deceased. Buried by goblin encampment. Ranger (Half-Elf)
Raz’asha AKA The Vindicator – Sentient weapon, servant to Ryse (Weapon)

Lak – Magus near Azure Lake, owns one of the fastest boats (Human)
Bandolin – Armorsmith&Barbarian, dueled Ulric&Belomir (Dwarf)
Kraku – Shaman from the large island on Azure Lake
Xzakdar – Ranger from the same island as Kraku (Half-Elf)

Zimaka – Long dead emperor of Cuelok, now buried within the hillock that has grown into a mountain at the south-western tier of the land (Dead, who cares? JK Human)

Lord Najirim – Lord of Rikbur (Half-Elf)
Lord Yangin – Lord of Kanden (Human)
Lord Jastile – Lord of Handrid – Elgrin family serves him (Human)

Akan Zindar – Possibly a slaver who bought, then sold the farmers family (?) not yet met
Randolf Elgrin – Nobleman who’s worked with Akan, knows the rumor cannot confirm nor deny if he is a slaver, doesn’t care either way (Human)
Denny – The farmer (Human)

Granmaboshtikaltalakirinramba (Granny) – Engineer looking to make a small fortune in Kandan; very popular and well-liked (Gnome)
Danar Cormack – Steward in Kandan (Human)

Matook – Thief (Halfling)
Shazdon – Necromancer (Now dead) (Human)
Kanto Deathcaller – Anti-Paladin, works for Aatah/Shazdon (human)

Shimmergloom – Ancient Shadow Dragon

Places the party knows about:
Cuelok – The continent everyone is on

Brindleshaw – small city on southern end of Cuelok where the party has residence and notoriety (great). Ruled by Lord Barnovski

“Holy” Coast – The coast line that runs east of Brindleshaw where you fought Matook&smugglers and did the archaeology dragon side-quest

Spider Forest – East of Brindleshaw (Brigand HQ was in-between, and goblin encampment was on the border of the forest)

Azure Lake – Lake north of Brindleshaw, directly between it and the Yiktar Mountain Range

Pig’n’Whistle Tavern – North of Brindleshaw, southern end of Azure Lake

Krastuk – North of Brindleshaw&Azure Lake – Dwarven stronghold in the Yiktar Mountains

Rikbur – East of Brindleshaw & Spider Forest, north of the coastline (The coast is about 2 miles below a cliff) (Ruled by Lord Najirim)

Kandan – East of Brindleshaw & Spider Forest, farther north from Rikbur (Ruled by Lord Yangin)

Kanden&Rikbur are currently at war with each other

Drakinari – Continent to the South&West of Cuelok where Dinosaurs are common-place

Shadowlands – Another plane of existence that somehow crossed over into the Material Plane covering an island that is now known as “The Corruption”

Rakt-Qualam – Ancient fortress of the now-extinct snow elves. Found in the far northern ice-lands

Harrodrom – above ground dwarven settlement. Captain O’Mally plans to stay there while awaiting an army to retake his mountain home

First Post
Setting up Characters

The first session will likely start in a week. Players may set up there characters here based on Pathfinders RPG. Characters will start at level 1, with 150g, and with stats starting at 16 16 14 12 10 8 put wherever you desire. Set this before selecting your race because they offers +/- to certain stats.

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